Hello and welcome!

I'm Bronwen Harlow and I live, most of the time, in the village of Nidd just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

My working life has been eclectic, many years spent in retail and hospitality management, and also travel. In my late 40's, when my boys were becoming more independent I decided it was time to begin to follow one of my passions, art and textiles. I began with a 3D Design course, followed by a B.A in Textile Design.
Subsequently I spent many years working for the National Trust, demonstrating heritage crafts, and pursuing my love of natural dye.

I have always adored receiving massage, and been interested in  alternative therapies, and am drawn to the spiritual path. Having spent some years alone post divorce I began to heal, listen to my heart, and allow my journey toward the light to unfold.

I decided to combine my love of travel with study. I took two Reiki trainings in Thailand. I felt a desire to be of service, and make use of my intuition and natural empathy, and I believed strongly in the human body's need for the comfort of touch.

I first discovered Esalen massage in La Gomera, having received a massage whilst on a yoga retreat at Finca Argayall. This massage was so completely blissful, it was transcendent. From then on I knew I wanted to share this healing touch with the world. I returned to La Gomera to do a weeks introductory bodywork training, then followed an intensive month long training course in Esalen massage in Bali, which I completed in 2019. I followed up with a further two weeks training the following year.

I look forward to welcoming you to my relaxing and lovingly created space in the midst of nature 💓


 What is Esalen massage?

 Originating at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This is an intensively nurturing whole body holistic and immersive experience. Mind, body, heart and spirit are connected by long flowing strokes. Using a combination of rocking, stretches and focused muscle work your body will be soothed into a state of deep somatic relaxation, allowing it's innate healing ability to begin.

What to Expect......

Please allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for your treatment. I will begin your session with a goddess card reading. Then I will leave you to completely undress and settle on the heated massage couch covered by a sarong. I am adept at draping to preserve your modesty.
The next hour and a half is total 'you' time! 
The cost is £90. I offer a discounted price of £75 to all new clients.
Directions to the studio can be found on the contact page.